Mediation with EQUANIM

Equanim’s offer of mediation

Conflict resolution for international and complex disputes

Providing Mediators meeting the requirements of major international disputes and whose experience in their field is indisputable

Engaging individuals (legal professionals or otherwise), with experience in high-level negotiations

Using EQUANIM’s legal expertise

Expanding the range of services and expertise to offer “enhanced” dispute resolution throughout the process

Monitoring of the solution found by the parties, ensuring effective dispute resolution

Working with technology partners in order to improve and secure the digital tools used.

Flexible referral

  • EQUANIM receives request for mediation from the parties, their advisers or a judicial body.

  • EQUANIM carries out an initial feasibility study.

  • EQUANIM makes a mediation proposal, including:
    • suggested mediators who can be mobilised,
    • suggested locations to hold the mediation,
    • the logistics to be put in place,
    • the resources and expertise required to facilitate mediation.
  • EQUANIM will neither confirm nor deny the mediations that are actually or supposedly entrusted to it.
EQUANIM’s mediation rules

A mouldable framework for the parties

Creating the conditions for a discussion that is impossible elsewhere

  • The parties agree on a mediation schedule under the guidance of EQUANIM and the Mediator with due regard for promptness.
  • The parties remain surrounded by their advisers.

  • The Mediator remains free from the interactions they may suggest to the parties, as long as the parties respect the guiding principles of the mediation and EQUANIM’s rules.

Simplicity and efficiency in settling complex disputes

Simplicity and efficiency in settling complex disputes

  • The parties agree on a mediation schedule under the guidance of EQUANIM and the Mediator with due regard for promptness.
  • For every dispute – whatever its state, before, during or after legal proceedings – EQUANIM guarantees to find a confidential discussion framework focused on the search for amicable and effective solutions

  • EQUANIM engages mediators from public affairs and the economic world to propose a global resolution of the dispute, in accordance with the law and going beyond its mechanical application.

Experts at the service of mediation

The success of mediation primarily relies on the Mediator’s personality in terms of being able to bring the parties together.

  • To succeed in international mediation and resolve the most complex disputes, EQUANIM uses both recognised Mediators and individuals who are particularly well-known in the major sectors of international economic life.

  • The Mediator is independent from EQUANIM and the parties.

  • EQUANIM engages individuals who have led strategic negotiations.

  • The panel of mediators proposed by EQUANIM includes individuals from all over the world.

An holistic dispute resolution model

Success relies on monitoring the solutions found. The success of a negotiation often depends on the ability to guarantee a successful conclusion.

  • With the agreement of the parties, EQUANIM will leverage a network of skills to ensure efficacy:

– audit firm,

– experts,

– specialists.

  • They remain mobilisable by EQUANIM under the leadership of the mediator during the application and release of the solutions adopted by the parties at the end of the mediation.
  • This “holistic” dispute resolution model is not offered by any other method of dispute settlement

A partner platform for law firms

A partnership approach exclusive to certified law firms, offering them:

  • accelerated access to the EQUANIM platform,

  • special rates for using the EQUANIM platform,

  • mediation training,

  • attendance at events organised by EQUANIM as platform partners.